White House Coverage

President Trump hosts Gray TV at White House dinner

HBCU presidents meet with President Trump

House members remain divided on Flynn, White House investigation

New White House Press Secretary vows to tell the truth

Obama holds final presser of presidency

White House previews President Obama's farewell speech

DC Bureau team discusses Obama presidency

A look back at the final year of the Obama Administration

Senator Tim Scott brings unique voice to Trump transition team

President Obama lights National Christmas Tree for final time

President-elect Trump turns to Capitol Hill to fill cabinet positions

As 'My Brother's Keeper' continues to grow, not everyone is convinced of the program's potential

Louisiana governor attends White House meeting on police-community relations

President Obama honors Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos to the White House

Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says more money needed out of Capitol Hill to fight Zika

Alexandria art teacher honored in Washington as ‘Art Educator of the Year’

Energy secretary talks global warming as U.S. signs climate change agreement

White House Rural Council hosts ‘Telemedicine Summit’ to improve rural health care

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