North Carolina Congressman predicts health care vote will 'go down to defeat'

House Democrats preview health care vote

House Republicans preview health care vote

Wisconsin members discuss Trump Ag Secretary pick

Indiana members discuss agriculture secretary confirmation

Trump’s pick for Agriculture Secretary finds support from farmers and lawmakers

Illinois senators discuss Sonny Perdue nomination

Sen. Thune on Perdue: 'He's experienced, he's a producer'

Sen. Ernst on Perdue: 'He understands the RFS'

Sen. Hoeven on Perdue: 'He'll be a great advocate for agriculture"

Mid-Michigan lawmakers preview health care vote

West Virginia lawmakers split on plan for retired miners benefits

Retired Kentucky miners return to Capitol Hill to fight for benefits

GOP healthcare bill in jeopardy as dozens of Republican lawmakers come out against it

Congressman Hurd reacts to federal judge decision in racial gerrymandering case

Senator Tillis discusses Judge Gorsuch confirmation hearing

Sen. Ben Sasse: Democrats 'don't have anything' on Judge Gorsuch

Sen. Grassley on Judge Gorsuch: 'He calls the shots the way they are'

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