Veterans call for more improvements as Congress extends the "Choice Act"

How fighting breast cancer changed one senator’s life

Actor Martin Sensmeier testifies in Washington on healthy living for Native Alaskans

House members not on the same page during healthcare markup process

Gov. Rick Scott does bidding in Washington for Florida health care

Alabama lawmakers happy to have the ball rolling as House considers American Health Care Act

Researchers target African-Americans for ALS clinical trials

GOP still trying to unite under 'Obamacare' replacement plan

A week after inauguration, thousands descend on Washington for the March for Life

Senator Bill Cassidy's health care alternative gives states power to choose

Oklahoma Senators battling back after Obamacare premium increases

Congress probes EpiPen price hikes

Governor Scott, Florida delegation meet to get Zika funding bill passed

Texoma lawmakers looking for solution in Zika funding debate

Zika, Veterans health headline 11th annual Border Health Conference

As Americans return to the U.S. from the Olympics, the Zika fight is at an all-time high

Trying to escape its dark past, the VA holds first ever 'Innovation Demo Day'

Zika Conference Committee hoping to come to a funding agreement before Fourth of July

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