94-year-old WWII veteran takes honor flight

Veterans from Texas and Louisiana are in the nation's capital tonight as part of an honor flight. One World War Two veteran from Bonham, Texas is sharing his experience with us. Our Washington Bureau's Alana Austin has the story.

Maine's governor traveled to D.C. to send a message to the senators from his home state.

Over 70 lawmakers are writing to ask President Trump to help immigrants affected by the devastating hurricanes in the Caribbean. This and other immigration policies were a focus at the annual Congressional Black Caucus meeting in Washington D.C. Washington Correspondent Kellie Meyer spoke with an immigration attorney on how changes in the administration are affecting her clients and heard why other experts said Trumps' stance on immigration is a valid one.

Lawmakers are constantly talking about jobs. They say they want more in the U.S., but as of August, the unemployment rate in Ohio was 5.3 percent. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) says a remedy could come in the form of convincing companies to stay stateside. Brown is pushing legislation that rewards American companies if they remain in America.

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102-year-old WWII veteran takes honor flight

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