TN lawmakers have differing views on GOP health care plan

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- The House GOP health care plan moving full speed ahead in Congress.

"Now is time to act," House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA-23) said.

After two marathon mark ups, one that lasted 24 hours, the American Health Care Act passed both the House Ways and Means Committee and Energy and Commerce Committee Thursday. Next up is the House Budget Committee, which Tennessee Congresswoman Diane Black chairs.

Congresswoman Black attended a special White House meeting to search for ways to get every Republican on board. The roll out of the plan brought about some resistance from members the party, like the House Freedom Caucus, who say the plan, doesn’t go far enough. Other Tennessee lawmaker’s said they’re not sold on the plan just yet.

“I think what they’ve come up with so far is not particularly good, but practically anything is better than what is out there now," Rep. Jimmy Duncan (R-TN-2) said.

Duncan said he hopes the bill improves as it moves through Congress. But Congressman Phil Roe, a doctor of 46 years who had a hand to play in crafting the new bill, said it’s everything they’ve been hoping for.

“It gives us the opportunity, for the first time in my life time, to expand coverage to almost everybody and maybe everybody in this country and that is a very noble goal," Rep. Roe (R-TN-1) added.

Roe said, that's what Obama-care was intended to do, but failed. He believes the new plan will help his constituents in East Tennessee, not hurt.
Meanwhile, Democrats are rallying together saying what they call Trump -care...

“Gives people less for more," Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said at a press conference Thursday.

Some House Democrats tried to stall the bill because there’s no indication of what the plan will cost but that will likely come down next week.

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