South Dakota sailor laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- A WWII sailor laid to rest more than seven decades later.

“After 76 years of being an unknown he’s finally being recognized," Donald Rogers said.

Rogers was just 14 years old when his brother Walter was killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor. His brother was just 22.

“I remember my mother receiving that news from these two service men and her anguish because that was the confirmation," Rogers said.

His brothers' remains were trapped inside the USS Oklahoma for years- then moved to a cemetery in Hawaii. It wasn’t until *this year his body was identified. Now Walter is getting the funeral he never had.

“When the band played the prayer, oh my goodness, that was wonderful and that as the closure for me," he added.

Rogers traveled to Washington all the way from his home in Oregon to say his final farewell to his older brother. He said this gives him a true sense of patriotism.

“It’s a strange feeling actually, and when I think of the nature of America 76 years ago it’s a different America we face today," Rogers added.

The service gave Rogers a moment to reflect on a difficult and challenging time for both his family and the country and how much has changed over those years. But the honor for his brothers’ sacrifice remains the same.

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