Senator Tim Scott brings unique voice to Trump transition team

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) is guiding the President-elect. Scott was named to Donald Trump’s transition team, despite his opposition to the president-elect earlier on.

Professor Gary Nordlinger says President-elect Donald Trump has been very businesslike in his approach to picking his cabinet.

"I’ve been very clear on the things where we have disagreements," said Scott. "I think you have to hold folks accountable for what they say."

From opposition to advisor. Scott is now serving as one of 13 vice chairs on the team. Scott is thankful he has a voice when it comes to crafting the Trump Administration.

"The goal is to make sure that people working paycheck to paycheck feel like the American Dream is a little closer than it was before he got elected."

Scott says being a senator gives him an important voice. He says he can help the president-elect from a legislative standpoint.

"(We are) thinking about things from apprenticeship programs, to the dual track in education, to tax reform, to rolling back some of the regulatory morass," said Scott.

Scott grew up poor in South Carolina, he is the only African American Republican in the Senate, and he didn’t support Trump until Marco Rubio (R-FL) dropped out. His unique background adds a different perspective to the Trump team.

"The broader your diversity on your team, the more talent they know from different aspects of society," said Gary Nordlinger, a political management professor at George Washington University.

Nordlinger says the vice chairs suggest candidates for positions, but are not necessarily in the room with Trump making the decisions.

"He meets people, he listens to them, he gets advice, and ultimately he makes a decision," said Nordlinger. "So I think he’s brought a very businesslike focus."

Scott and the transition team still have important cabinet posts to fill. They also have to finish the process of filling thousands of other political appointments.