Sen. Grassley on Judge Gorsuch: 'He calls the shots the way they are'

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) kicked off the first day of Judge Neil Gorsuch's Supreme Court nomination hearing on Monday.

The chairman of the Judiciary Committee will preside over the four-day hearing on Gorsuch's nomination to the highest court in the land.

Reporter, Samantha-Jo Roth caught up with the Iowa Senator following the proceedings on Monday.

Roth: “Senator, the partisan split was very clear today, with Democrats continuing to bring up Judge Merrick Garland’s nomination rather than Judge Gorsuch’s nomination. Do you expect this to continue?”

Sen. Grassley: “I think they want to remind the fact that last year Republicans did not hold a hearing. But, what they forget is that we had Democrats tell us during the Reagan years, during the H.W Bush years, during the George W. Bush years, that if there was a vacancy, it should go over to the new court. What they are failing to say is that you really can’t have one rule for a Republican presidents and another rule for a Democratic presidents. Republicans decided to do what Democrats set a standard for.”

Roth: “This is the same committee that confirmed Judge Gorsuch as a Federal Appeals Judge, do you think there’s a difference in supporting someone to be a federal judge versus someone to be a Supreme Court Justice?”

Sen. Grassley: “Well, there would probably be both for Republicans and Democrats, because it’s a much more important position. The circuit courts are very very important as well. But, they aren’t as definitive as the decision made at the Supreme Court level.”

Roth: “Some Democrats say that Judge Gorsuch’s record supports corporations over people. Is that a fair criticism?”

Sen. Grassley: “Not fair at all. I’ve gone through many of his decisions. I have not read them all in depth, but read enough about them. I think he calls the shots the way they are. It's very lack of understanding of his approach to law that you can say it's one over the other -- because it isn't. I think he's got wins for the little guy and wins for somebody else.”