Sen. Mike Crapo on Judge Gorsuch: 'He's an outstanding candidate'

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID) is weighing after the first day of confirmation hearings for Judge Neil M. Gorsuch on Monday. Reporter, Samantha-Jo Roth caught up with the Idaho Senator following the proceedings.

Roth: “Senator, the partisan split was very clear today, with Democrats continuing to bring up Judge Merrick Garland’s nomination rather than Judge Gorsuch’s nomination. Do you expect this to continue?”

Sen. Crapo: “I wouldn’t be surprised if we continued to see that theme. Frankly, we don’t know for sure exactly how our colleagues on the Democrat side are going to react to this. My hope is that by the time they have had a full opportunity to ask their questions, to hear from Neil Gorsuch, that they will recognize that he is an outstanding candidate.”

Roth: “This is the same committee that confirmed Judge Gorsuch as a Federal Appeals Judge, do you think there’s a difference in supporting someone to be a federal judge versus someone to be a Supreme Court Justice?”

Sen. Crapo: “ Well, clearly there’s a difference and frankly, there’s ten years of experience with Judge Gorsuch, as he served ten years on the tenth circuit. He’s got a record now that he didn’t have then. That being said, I think there’s a much much more intense analysis when someone is nominated to become a justice on the Supreme Court.”

Roth: “Some Democrats say that Gorsuch’s record supports corporations over people. Is that a fair criticism?”

Sen. Mike Crapo: “I don’t. We are going to hear tomorrow because I’m sure we are going to get into the details on these cases – but those who have actually been in front of him or have served with him in different capacities have said that that is not an accurate reflection of what he’s like. When the law says you rule in favor of the big guy, he does. When it says you rule in favor of the little guy, he does. That’s the kind of justice we want on the Supreme Court.”