Perry discusses new role as energy secretary

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- He’s the longest-serving governor of Texas and a two-time presidential candidate. Now, Rick Perry is settling into his new role in President Trump’s cabinet as Energy Secretary.

“I don’t wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat,” said Perry.

Perry is now responsible for a department with a $30 billion budget, 16,000 federal employees, and 17 national laboratories.

“The management of all of that, I think, is what fits nicely into my 14 years of being the governor of the most dynamic, economic state,” said Perry.

It’s no secret, the Trump Administration’s energy strategy is different from its predecessor’s, especially when it comes to promoting traditional sources of energy like coal. The president has signed several executive orders and laws rolling back Obama-era regulations on the industry.

But that doesn’t mean renewables are out of the picture. Perry points to his home state’s production of wind power.

“It’s a balance,” explained Perry. "In Texas, we have an all-of-the-above strategy. We have nuclear power and we believe in nuclear power. We have fossil fuels. We have LNG.”

LNG is short for liquefied natural gas. Perry recently announced the U.S. would begin exporting LNG to countries we do not have free trade agreements with. The LNG would come from facilities in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, and Maryland.

“All of those areas are producing copious amounts of LNG, which, in turn, is making it an export market. Ten years ago, they were talking about plans to import LNG,” he said.

Perry is currently touring the Department’s national laboratories – the same laboratories developing LNG technology.

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