New York lawmakers back from recess, outline priorities

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- A whirlwind week wraps up on Capitol Hill resulting in an unexpected deal between President Trump and Democrats, but not his fellow Republicans.

“We’re going to help ‘em," New York Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said.

Schumer played a key role in brokering a deal to replenish the country’s emergency relief funding. The bulk of the $15 billion package will go to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

“This is a really positive step forward," Schumer said Wednesday in a press conference on Capitol Hill.

The deal also raises the debt ceiling and keeps the government open until December. And, it showed Democrats and Republicans working together.
Schumer said it’s a rare example of bipartisanship his constituents demand.

“They wanted us to work together to get things done and we’re certainly eager and willing to do that," Schumer said.

New York Congressman Tom Reed (R-NY-23) added, we have to show we can govern in Congress and rightfully so," Reed said.

New York Congressman Tom Reed hopes his colleagues will overcome partisan gridlock in their chamber. But he said he believes Congress will get there.

Also on his wish-list: tax reform. That’s the all-consuming debate set for the weeks ahead.

“I am eager for that debate to start, it’s been being worked on for six years, seven years I’ve been on the committee, the time is right to get this done," Reed added.

Lawmakers - like Schumer and Reed -- still have plenty left to do in September.

Along with tax reform debate -- several will try to find consensus on how to get health insurance markets off life support.

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