Charlottesville natives march to Washington with a message

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- It’s a march with a message.

“We’re loud we’re chanting, we’re not going anywhere," Schyler Cunningham a Charlottesville, Virginia native said.

She said she was inspired to join the march after the violent events just three weeks ago during a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville when one woman died and several others injured.

Ben Doernberg saw the violence first hand.

“I was in Charlottesville last month visiting my family when the white supremacists and Nazi’s were marching through town," Doernberg added.

Doernberg said as someone who was born in Charlottesville and as a Jewish American it is important to take a stand. That’s why as soon as he heard about the march to D.C. he wanted to be a part of it.

“We can’t let what happened in Charlottesville happen in other places," he said.

The rain didn’t deter these marchers from meeting their goal of making it to Washington D.C. making their voices heard in the city of our nation’s highest elected officials. Cunningham said it’s an experience that she won’t soon forget.

“When you get this many people together who really care about each other and they care about the cause they have really open honest discussions it’s just an amazing place to come together," she said.

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