Wisconsin mom fighting for daughter's health care on Capitol Hill

Wisconsin mom Chelsey Schaumberg is fighting for health care protections for her daughter, Zoe, who was born with a congenital heart defect. She's concerned the GOP will roll back elements of the ACA, and she says this would be extremely damaging to her daughter and other Americans with pre-existing conditions.

Third and final piece in our series on the Tennessee Senate race

Governor Scott Walker laid out several education-focused agenda items in campaign blitz following primary elections.

The Minnesota Republican Party is trying to come together after a primary campaign split voters. Minnesotans made their choices, now the party is focused on November 6, the date of the general election. GOP leaders say unification is not going to be all that hard.

'Pink wave' of women candidates could shake up power dynamics on Capitol Hill

Blackburn, Bredesen differ on how to handle trade war fallout

Leah Vukmir aims to unseat Senator Tammy Baldwin in November

Minnesotans take first big step toward the future of the Land of 10,000 Lakes

'I Make America' town hall preps workers for Nov. elections

Blackburn, Bredesen on spurring Tennessee economy from D.C.

Gubernatorial candidates cross Minnesota making final pleas to voters

U.S. Senate hopefuls pound the Minnesota pavement on the eve of the primary

Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate makes final push in Milwaukee

White nationalists hide behind flags as high-profile rally fizzles

Sen. McCaskill is part of "Pink Wave" for general election in November

White nationalists get OK to march in front of White House

Josh Hawley says Senator McCaskill is "Washingtonized"

Vice President Pence rallies with Michigan GOP primary winners, urges unity

Democrat Gretchen Whitmer celebrates Michigan primary win

McCaskill criticizes trade war in final campaign stops

Senate race opponents Heitkamp, Cramer will come to the table for Farm Bill conference

HHS Sec. Azar pitches new health care options for Americans

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