New York senator pushes for changes in military sexual assault cases

From Hollywood to Capitol Hill, sexual harassment allegations are reaching a tipping point. A New York Senator has been pushing Congress for years to make changes to the way our military addresses sexual assault and sexual harassment. Washington Correspondent Kellie Meyer finds what’s holding up the reform.

The Texas A&M men's track and field and women's equestrian teams recognized recognition straight from President Donald Trump for winning national titles in their respective sports last season.

There is an ongoing push in Washington to bring drones into everyday life. The Department of Transportation announced a program that will partner with communities across the country to figure out the best way to utilize unmanned aircraft technology.

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Republican senator concerned with passthrough provision in tax reform bills

Las Vegas congressman continues push for ban on high-capacity magazines

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Tax reform could hit blue states harder than red; Sanders reacts

Pecan farmers pushing for fewer trade barriers

PA lawmakers on future of tax reform

Documentary about USVI recovery inspires attendees

Rep. Bob Goodlatte set to retire

Democratic victories deliver wake-up call to Republicans in Washington

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